TD Sexy Time Candle (travel tin)

td love candle
td love candle

TD Sexy Time Candle (travel tin)


The sexy side of Tangerine Dream :)

Why a candle? I wanted to add another sensory dimension to my pictures. Scent is so key to making life beautiful, but it is very easy to forget about that when you are busy! So you can take this tin wherever you go, or put it anywhere you enjoy seeing and smelling it!

Tangerine Dream has bright blood orange notes that finish into sultry amber and coconut, with just a touch of suntan oil (so you can feel like you are in St.Tropez. :)

The candles are made from all natural coconut wax. They look and smell beautiful on your coffee table, nightstand, desk, or any place you travel. After the candle is gone you can use the tin for storing things. They make a really cute and unique gift too! They are wrapped in brown and pink tissue inside a kraft box. (Limited quantity available)


1” H x 3” W

15+ hour burn time

Made in California

Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before you light it. Melt the entire top layer of wax on your first burn. If you don't, the candle will “tunnel” which wastes the wax. To prevent this, candles should burn one hour for every inch in diameter.

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